Stamfords at Norfest

Stamfords at NorfestWell, after the ‘will we?  won’t we?’ situation, it turned out we did.  I had been asked by the Norton Parish Plan Committee, if I could provide an authentic looking camp and one or two soldiers to ‘lurk about in kit’ and to could get drunk if we wished.

As it happened, Matt, Manda, Ian, Sue, Mark and Flabber  all turned out to help me in my quest.

Iain and I met Matt and Manda at the village playing field and set up the soldier’s tent.  Back to mine for a cup of tea, where we were met my Sue, Mark and Flabber.  Then we all left to set out our goodies at the camp.  A very interesting visual display it was, too.  Muskets, swords, colours, tankards, jacks, apostles, powder flasks, pikes, and side arms, all to entertain the public.  The kids loved it and Matt and Manda were a sight to behold in their patience and ability to engage the children.

Later in the day, Andy, one of the organizers, begged a huge favour of us as the falconry display hadn’t arrived.  Stamford’s rallied and marched onto the field with two pike, a musketeer, colour and drum.  Clearly we were limited in what sort of display we could do.  Flabber answered some questions thrown at him by the ‘compare’, marched us about a bit, then we decided to split up and go and chat to the crowd, enabling the ‘compare’ to come and ask more specific questions.

Following our moment in the spotlight, more people came to see the camp.  The weather was glorious and, as can be seen by the photos, we were visited by the original Herr Flick and Officer Crabtree from ‘Allo, ‘Allo.  Officer Crabtree was very interested in our set up and asked some very insightful questions.

I am very grateful to the people who attended and Norton has now met Stamford’s.  This may not be the last time, either.  I think they have plans for next year!

Lee Paris

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