17th Century Pikeman

Rewind back to England in the middle of the 17th century. You’re a Pikeman with a point to prove. You wear a Morion, a basic helmet, breast armour and thigh plates and there is a daggar on your belt. In your hands is an 18-foot pike made of Ash. Your job is to defend the Musketeers from the cavalry as they charge over the hill towards you but you know full well that you may be required to fight enemy pike or musket divisions at close quarters. You’re proud though, for the pike is known as the Gentleman’s Arm, being more skillful to learn than the musket. Pikemen are outnumbered 2:1 by Musketeers and far more by the cavalry.

21st Century Pikeman

In the Sealed Knot, pikemen form the backbone of the regiment, carrying an untipped pike of between 12 and 18 foot, provided by the regiment. Some have swords. All pikeman are reuired to wear a Morion style helmet for safety reasons, but body armour is optional. Being in the pike is exhausting, but as a current pikeman says “you don’t have to be physically fit to do it!”

Pike fighting usually takes two forms: Push and Point. When you push, your pike is elevated and your company will collide with the enemy in a tight press, doing your best to literally “push” the enemy back and gain ground. At Point, you will form a tight wall with your comrades, pikes charged at the enemy and do your best to drive them back by sticking the points into the enemy.

It’s unsual for Pikeman to suffer any serious injury but be prepared to compare your bruises in the Beer tent afterwards!





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