Hemel Hempstead, August Bank Holiday 1984

Musketeers in the 17th Century

If you were a Musketeer during the Civil War you were a foot soldier, and for every one Pikeman there would be two of you. The musket itself fired a small ball, and as the barrel was not rifled, it was not accurate. This meant that from a distance, you and the members of your company would fire ranks, this gave you more chance of hitting your target. Across your body you would carry a bandolier with wooden apostles strung from it, each containing a charge of black powder.

Musketeers in the 21st Century

The basic kit of a Museteer is the same as a Pikeman. Gauntlets are worn to protect against powder burns and black powder is carried in a flask and/or bandolier with 12 powder bottles. Every Musketeer must get the appropriate licences for their gun from their local police licencing authority. You  will not be able to use a musket on the field without these or passing a Sealed Knot musket test which the regiment will prepare you for. New members can take a ‘dummy’ musket on the field however so they can familiarise themselves with the drill and firing procedure. Musketeers may also carry swords, providing they have passed their sword test, this is essential for safety.

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