From Histriomastix by William Prynne 

Dancing, is, for the most part, attended with many amorous smiles, wanton compliments, unchaste kisses, scurrilous songs and sonnets, effeminate music, lust provoking attire, ridiculous love pranks, all which savour only of sensuality, of raging fleshly lusts. Therefore, it is wholly to be abandoned of all good Christians.

Dancing serves no necessary use, no profitable, laudable, or pious end at all. It is only from the imbred pravity, vanity, wantonness, incontenency, pride, profaneness, or madness of man’s depraved nature. Therefore, it must needs be unlawful unto Christians.

The way to heaven is too steep, too narrow for men to dance in and keep revel rout. No way is large or smooth enough for capering rousters, for jumping, skipping, dancing dames but that broad, beaten, pleasant road that leads to HELL. The gate of heaven is too narrow for whole rounds, whole troops of dancers to march in together.

– William Prynne (1600 – 1669)


The Laws and Ordinances of WARRE, Eftablifhed for the better Conduct of THE ARMY

To all the Officers of the Army, Colonels, Captaines, Elder Serjeants, other Officers and Souldiers of Horfe and Foote, and all others whom thefe Laws and Ordinances may concerne.


Blasfphemy – Firft, Let no man prefume to Blasfpheme the holy and bleffed Trinity, God the Father, God the Sonne, and God the Holy Ghoft; nor the knowne Articles of our Chriftain Faith, upon paine to have his Tongue bored with a red-hot Iron.

Curfling– Unlawfull Paths and Execrations, a fcandalous acts in derogateion of GODS Honour, fhall be punifhed with loffe of Pay, and other punisfhment at difcretion.

Neglecting Divine Worfhip

All thofe who often and wilfully abfent themfelves  from Sermons, and Publike Prayer, fhall be proceeded againft at difcretion: And all fuch who fhall violate Plaves of Publike worfhip, fhall undergoe fevere Cenfure


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