How much will I need to spend?

You are welcome to come along to a Muster as a “temporary member” and we will be able to find you some spare kit to wear initially. When you join as a full member your primary outlay will primarily be for your uniform. We have a Quartermaster who will make a Regimental Coat and Breeches at reasonable prices and other pieces of clothing can be bought at Traders Row at the major musters; or at Re-enactors Markets.
Pikes are provided by the regiment, but pikemen will need to buy a helmet. Musketeers may be loaned ‘dummy’ (non-firing) muskets initially, but will need to buy their own in due course. There are regimental drums but you may be expected to buy your own if you choose this role.
Other outlay in time could include the purchase of back-and-breast armour for pikemen, and swords (especially for musketeers). Musketeers also need bandoliers and a powder flask.
You may also want to acquire ‘civilian’ clothing for evenings or when going off the campsite. The only restriction here is how much you are prepared to spend!

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