How do I get to Musters & what happens when I arrive?

Musters are listed in “Orders of the Daye”, the SK magazine, published 4 times a year and sent to you as part of your membership. Every Orders gives information of a “Warning Order”, giving directions and other useful information. Approaching the campsite you will see some SK signs to help you find it. On arrival at the campsite you must first show your membership card (with photo) to the gate guard. This is for security and insurance purposes, and to ensure that only paid-up members are admitted. You’ll be given a rubbish bag and information on the weekend. You’re then shown where to camp with Stamfords, a map will show the layout of the campsite which will help you. It’ll also be useful when you can recognise the “colour” or flag of the regiment. Members of Stamfords will help you to pitch your tent or locate your caravan.

Water points are supplied, as are toilet facilities and Elsan points. At most events there will also be a beer tent, which tends to be the social centre of the campsite, where entertainment is often lain on in the evenings. There are usually some food traders (‘suttlers’) near the beer tent.

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