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New National Civil War Centre opened at Newark

Ann and James NewarkThe Earl of Stamford’s Regiment was delighted to be part of the celebrations of the opening of the new National Civil War Centre at Newark, Nottinghamshire on the first May Bank Holiday weekend. The Sealed Knot and English Civil War Society worked together to bring the 17th Century to the town through marches, living history, skirmishes and battles.

The New English Civil War Centre is the first (and only) national exhibition of what was the defining moment in our nation’s history.


Notes from Cattow’s Farm (24 – 26 May 2014)

O Fickle Fate!  A Major Muster in Leicestershire; on a Bank Holiday weekend; little or no military activity on the Saturday – all this pointed to a trip out to visit Bradgate Park, the site of the former home of the Earls of Stamford,  only a few miles down the road, followed by food and a drink at the Stamford Arms in Groby.  What a tempting diversion for the studious and hungry members of the Regiment…

Drill at Cattows FarmBut it was not to be.  It rained – to the extent that all outgoing vehicle movement on the campsite was banned on the Saturday in an attempt to preserve the roadways that were now strips of slimy mud ingrained into the fields.  Needless to say it was dry(ish) and sunny the next day, but drill, the battle and the state of the roadways combined to stifle any further thoughts of exodus of any kind, although a few Knotters did depart early.

The weather turned wet again on Monday, raising questions about the ability to leave the site to get home, let alone to tour the local area.  Some members of the Regiment went on the field on the Monday while others, including your correspondent, abandoned the field to concentrate on packing up and leaving the site.  Once again, our plans were foiled when even brute force could not push a  car on its own through the mud.

After the battle, a tractor appeared.  More importantly, a gate leading to a proper road was opened near the Western Association site which allowed escape while avoiding the worst of the mud, if not the rain.   A good muster, marred by the weather; the crowd on Saturday was not large and that can only make it likely that the muster suffered a loss.

On a happier note, the plans for the Western Association Pioneers to take an active part in the Sherborne battles are progressing.  Felix has designed some good examples of pioneering tools and Joan is investigating the opportunity to flood the SK market with visually-perfect but light (and, more importantly, cheap) secrets – the wearing-under-your-hat-to-save-your-brains type, not Victoria’s!  (Now that is a trading name to be thinking about, Joan.)  Sherborne is going to be good.

And Bradgate Park?  We will visit it, sometime, perhaps in September when Grey’s ROF plan to hold a mini muster there.  We wish them good luck with the weather as well as with the numbers attending.  Lerpoolian

James Spencer

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Battle at Billing!

The first major muster of the season was at Billing Aquadome, where the Parliament Army gathered on the first May Bank Holiday amid some glorious weather (always a bonus!). 3 battles helped the Pike and Musketeers brush away those cobwebs and prepare us for the summer ahead to take on those royalists…..

Fancy joining us at the next Bank Holiday? We’re going to Cattows Farm, Coalville, Leicestershire for 25th and 26th May.