A muster is the Sealed Knot term for a re-enactment weekend. They can be major, large mini or mini musters. The ‘Knotting’ season runs from about Easter to the end of September.

Major Musters

These events can have over 1000 participants on the field. There maybe up to five or six major musters in a season, often on Bank Holiday weekends. At a major you will find the full panoply of the Knot. There will be pike, musket, artillery, a baggage train and cavalry on the field. Off the field there is usually a living history camp, a large beertent, with a good range of real ales and sutlers selling a wide range of food. There will be a Traders or Merchants row selling all the clothing and equipment that isn’t supplied through the regiment.

Large Mini Musters

These will have up to a 1000 participants on the field. They are much like Major Musters, but on a smaller scale.

Mini Musters

This will have up to about 200 participants, who will probably have come from fairly close by. There may not be any living history camp, beertent, sutlers or traders.

Living History

Some members like to take their interest in the Civil War period a little further. The Living History area will be a tented encampment where members will display various aspects of life in the 17th century. Many will take on roles and demonstrate some of the crafts of the period. The encampment will be open to the public during the day from about mid morning.

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